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There are many reasons that portions of a roof system can fail creating a need for a repair and not always an entire roof replacement. Some of the main reasons that a portion of your roof may fail are listed below.

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Damages caused by wind storms
Ice buildup
Heavy snow loads
Poor workmanship
Faulty materials or manufacturer's defects

Regardless of what the reason is for your roof system fail, our team can find the problem and give you the best solutions. Luckily for you, we can usually have an emergency repair done the same day at competitive rates.


Damages cause by wind storms

The Ottawa Gatineau area has been seeing an increasing amount of wind storms in the last few years and, as a result, hundreds of roofs have had shingles flying off. Sadly many of the homes that lost shingles in the storms were actually as a result of pour installation. This more often that not is the case when it is a homes original roof because contractors are not always as concerned about the quality as the price when they are trying to produce as many homes in a project as possible for the smallest possible dollar amount. Often the shingles are not properly nailed, either there are too few nails, or the roofer did not carefully place them and they pierced the material completely. For this reason, our roofers will inspect your entire roof when we execute repairs on damages caused by wind, this way we can inform you if it is likely to be a reoccurring problem and ,at worst, we may suggest that you have entire portions of the roof re-done. Now days most roofs are re-done with architectural shingles which are a lot heavier and rarely ever lift in the wind if properly installed. Unfortunately, for those buying new homes, they still use three tab shingles in most new construction projects.

Whether its just a couple shingles, a whole side of your roof, or a piece of siding or facia that has come loose, we can bring your house to a great looking and water tight state before any additional damage is caused.


Damages caused by snow and Ice

By now, most home owners in the area know that ice buildup can cause problems, but most don’t know why or how much snow or ice is too much to have on their roof. There is no precise answer, and that may be the reason for the confusion. There are varying pitches of roofs and varying widths of soffit on each home, and these effect how much ice your roof can handle before a leak occurs inside your home. However, no ice buildup at all is ever good for a roof. We've heard of people who had experienced leaks from just one centimetre of freezing rain. The bottom line is that ice forms a barrier that water can't cross and when water is prevented from moving downward,on the roof slope, it begins to move either sideways or even upwards, until it finds an escape, and often times ends up inside the home.

Removing all the ice on a roof is neither necessary, nor a good idea. Large pieces of ice are usually frozen onto your shingles or roof covering and removing it completely will usually damage your roof. The water only needs a way off the roof, so as long as trenches are cut into the ice to permit water to escape, leaking should be prevented.

If ice buildup is a recurring problem, an attic inspection may be a good idea in order to ensure that your home has proper attic insulation and ventilation. The lack of either, insulation or ventilation, can significantly effect the amount of ice buildup as well as cause other problems. On occasion a home can experience ice problems even when everything is to code. Sometimes its just a combination of the size of the roof, and the angle at witch its placed according to the sun, causing natural freezing and melting of snow. If everything is to code, and you have recurring ice problems, heated wires may be an easy solution.

As for the snow, without ice, its not usually the cause of the problem. Unfortunately we have had some years with record breaking snowfalls, and that can bring problems of its own. People don't realize how much the snow on their roof can weigh. A couple of feet of light snow would never be a problem, but if it melts partially, and then it snows again, and this reoccurs several times, you end up with a couple feet of snow that has a high density the equivalent weight to 8 feet of light snow.

This heavy dense snow can weight over 100 lbs per square foot, and is too much of a load for your homes structure to bear. The denser snow also acts as a barrier preventing proper water evacuation and can cause problems similar to ice damming.

If you have over two feet of snow on your roof, or you are noticing cracking in the drywall above doors or windows, or if you are having difficulty opening or closing some doors, having snow removed from your roof should be a priority. Removing snow from your roof can be a dangerous job, if u are uncertain of how to safely proceed, why not give us a call and let our experienced professionals do the work for you.


Problems as a result of poor workmanship

There are hundreds of people out there claiming they know what they are doing when it comes to roofing, because they've done it before or some even because they've seen it done, but that doesn’t mean that they actually do.

Sometimes even a good contractor will take an employee's word that he knows how to install a certain product and the employee lacks knowledge and fails to request help when installing it. These situations can lead to a roof system fail. If you hired a good contractor, you're in luck, they will probably promptly come and fix the problem for free. If you hired that guy who said he knew how to fix it... well, he's probably not going to pay for someone else to fix it a second time.

Most of these types of problems occur around more complex roof sections that only several years of experience will allow a person to learn how to proceed in a way that will ensure that the roof system will last its entire lifespan.

Our personnel have enough experience to solve problems in even the most complex roof sections. If needed, they can even suggest structural modifications that will allow the roof system to function more effectively to protect your home from the weather.


Problems as a result of roof material failure

There always comes a time when a roof , or part of a roof, is just due to be re-done, hopefully in your case the previous roof lasted as long as it was intended to. If your roof comes to term unexpectedly, temporary repairs can be made to help it hold out long enough for you to make decisions such as which type of roofing material you will choose, and which contractor, or where you will get the funds. If your mind is already made up, but you don’t have the funds, we may be able to assist you with a payment plan that will fit your budget.

If your roof has come to term long before its time, its likely due to manufacturer’s defects, usually we can help simplify the process of dealing with the manufacturer's warranty. Unfortunately if you have no proof of payment for the materials, or a signed contract from the last contractor, you are likely to have to pay for the roof repair yourself. This is yet another reason to be sure of who you hire, obtain a contract and be sure of what is covered by the material warranty and for how long.