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Many components play a role in proper roof ventilation:

Was the insulation correctly installed?
Do the soffits provide adequate quantities of fresh air?
Are the exhaust pipes from various fans are properly connected to acceptable vents?
Are there proper attic vents?

A brief description of how attic ventilation generally works can be found in the Soffit section. In general, If the answer to any of the questions above is no, there are bound to be problems as a result of poor attic ventilation. Sometimes there is a simple solution such as changing an exhaust vent, other times there is a more complicated solution.

We have dealt with ventilation problems which required structural modification to allow air to pass from the soffits, over the insulated portion of the home, into the attic space and then out the attic vents.

Mold, Rotting, condensation, frost, ice buildup, leaks and premature roof failure are among some of the most common problems that can be caused by inadequate roof ventilation. It is also important to note that almost any roofing related warranties are void in the absence of proper ventilation.

If, from inside your attic, you can’t see light entering from the soffit, there is a chance that they may be blocked and it may be worth having it inspected by a professional. Likewise if you have fans for your shower or kitchen stove, but you do not see an exhaust vent on your roof or on your exterior wall, you should have someone investigate where the vapour is being sent.

Problems due to improper ventilation tend to increase in severity with time, quantities of mold can be dangerous for health and the more damage there is, there more it costs to fix. If you suspect your home has some ventilation issues, feel free to call us concerning an inspection or even to request a free quote.