Our Roofing Process

How it starts

The Estimate

You have come to know that you need some work done on your roof so you begin to search for a roofing contractor. Regardless of where you find us, you can contact us by many ways including by phone, email, via our website or Facebook page to request an estimate.

Once you’ve contacted our office staff, they will give your contact information to the first available estimator. The estimator will then contact you (usually within the next 24-48 hours) to make an appointment for your estimate at a time that is convenient for you.

During the appointment, the estimator will introduce himself upon arrival on the site and then start taking the necessary measurements. Often the calculations can be made live and the estimator can give you a detailed breakdown of the estimate on the spot. Some estimates may require additional research on products, availability, permits or other factors. In those cases you will receive the estimate in the near future.

Following the estimation, it is the perfect time for you to voice all your questions and concerns to make sure that all of them are addressed in the estimator’s proposal. Once this is accomplished, the estimate is complete. You can take the time you need to consider the proposal and contact us with any questions that arise.

The Follow up

Once you've received your estimate, our staff will be in contact with you, usually within the two weeks following the estimate. The goal is to see if we can answer any question you may have as well as to validate if you have made any decision concerning the estimator’s proposal. If you have any questions, we will promptly find the answers you need and if you have decided to move forward with the proposed works, we will make sure that all the details are clear and arrange for the signature of the contract. Our office staff will continue to follow up on the proposal until we are sure that your project is complete or that you no longer need our services.

Contract Signature

For your convenience, you can come at the office and sign the contract there or you may send a signed copy of your estimate to us by fax, e-mail or mail at any time. Once the contract is signed, rest assured that your project will be carried out within a time frame that works with your plan. A contract can always be modified or adjusted if ever you re-think some of the details between the signature of the contract and the completion of the project.

Scheduling your project

Requested dates

You can usually request any date you would like, provided that you allow sufficient notice. When requesting a specific date, it is important to note that weather conditions may prevent us from beginning the project as planned. If you have a very tight schedule, it is probably best to have a backup plan with a second date in case that unforeseen conditions make it impossible to start your project on the original planned date.

The confirmation

Whether you requested a specific date or our staff selects one for you, we will give you a confirmation call two to three days before. The purpose of this call is to make sure that the proposed date is convenient for you and does not conflict with your other plans. The administrative assistant will also take a few moments of your time to confirm all the details of the contract such as colors, scope of work and types of materials chosen. At this time you’ll also be informed of what needs to be done to prepare for your project, such as clearing fragile objects away from the work area and the driveway.

If for unexpected reasons your project must be postponed, you will also receive a call to inform you that we will not begin on the date that was planned. The administrative assistant will also suggest a new date for your project if this is the case. You will receive a confirmation call again two days prior to the new date for your project.

Some projects that require less time to complete can often fit in a time schedule for which a larger project had to be postponed. If this is the case, you may receive a last minute call to see if you are interested to start your project sooner than planned.

Arrival of our team

The waste container

In most cases the first person on the jobsite is the one who delivers the waste bin (trailer). Our crews usually start around seven and there are several trailers to deliver so the trailer can arrive as early as 6:00 am. It is important to have any vehicles out of your garage and driveway by this time to ensure they don’t get barricaded by the trailer. The trailers are locked and cannot be quickly moved. We suggest moving the vehicles the night before your project is planned to start. In most cases the trailer is removed the same day that a project is completed. If however it is outside of business hours, the trailer is sometimes removed between 7 and 8 am the following morning. Projects that are completed late on Fridays sometimes require that the trailer remains on site until the following Monday morning. If this is a concern for you, simply let our staff know that you require it to be removed for the weekend and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Preparation of the site

Around 7:15 am, our crew arrives on the jobsite. Depending on the complexity of your project and the scope of work involved, there are certain measures of site preparation that need to take place. Sites with extensive gardens may require that tarps or other devices be put in place to protect plants. At times swimming pools need to be covered or plywood set in place to protect some windows or eaves troughs. Once these preparations have been completed, your project is ready to start.

Getting the job done

Removal of the old roof system

We firmly believe that to get a good job done, we need to completely remove your old roof system. This allows us to find any problem areas or damaged wood. It also gives a smooth clean surface to install your new roof system on, preventing installation over damaged or rotten surfaces and also premature shingle lifting caused by improper fastening due to an uneven surface beneath the roof system.

Repair of damaged roof decking or structure

Once the old roof system has been removed, our team inspects the roof deck for any weak, damaged or rotting wood. Any portions of the deck that are not fit to receive your new roof system are repaired or replaced as needed. Areas that were severely damaged or rotted may also require structural repairs. If this is the case you will be notified and these repairs can be executed at the same time.

Installation of roof deck protection

Once all the necessary wood repairs have been completed, the installation of your new roof system is ready to begin. All our roofing projects include a minimum of 6 feet of membrane at the eaves and 3 feet at the valleys. Some contracts will include more membrane, up to full surface coverage, as needed to properly protect your home. Portions of your roof that are not covered with membrane are then covered with a synthetic underlayment. Synthetic underlayments provide superior protection to your roof decking against the elements. They are waterproof, allowing your home to be safe even if it rains and your new roof system is not yet completely installed. They also provide protection from rain in cases where portions of your roof are damaged in extreme weather conditions. Once all the underlayment has been installed, your roof is already weather tight and ready to protect your home.

Installing the roof you have chosen

Whether you’ve chosen asphalt shingles, metal shingles, a synthetic roof or clay tiles, our experienced crew will install the product you have chosen according to the manufacturer’s requirements. All necessary flashings and accessories will be installed to ensure that your home looks beautiful and that it remains that way. Once your chosen roof system has been installed, the job is inspected and touchups are executed and the desired result achieved.

The Finishing Touches

Clean up

The roof system you’ve chosen has been installed and the house looks great. Our crew is dedicated to leaving your yard looking great as well. We will sweep the yard with a magnetic broom to ensure that any fasteners that have fallen during the project are removed from your lawn. Your driveway will also be swept and your yard raked if needed to make sure that your property is as clean as or even cleaner than when we got there. Once the site is clean to everyone’s satisfaction, the crew will leave the site.

Follow up

Shortly after the completion of your project, you can expect a call or email from either our estimator or the office staff. You will be informed that your project has in fact been completed (if you did not know already) and of any extra works that had to be carried out if applicable, such as wood repair or the replacement of roof accessories that were noted as damaged at time of inspection. Our staff will also send you the invoice and arrange to receive payment in the method that is the most convenient for you. We accept cash, cheque, credit card, debit and bank draft. If it is inconvenient for you to make payment directly at our office, you can mail us a cheque, pay by credit card over the phone or even request an appointment at your place with the estimator to give him the payment in person.


We are confident that your project will be well done, which is why our work is guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years. We can assist you in getting the most out of your manufacturer’s warranties for their entire duration if needed. Keeping our clients satisfied is our top priority, so should a problem arise with your roofing project, simply notify our staff and it will be dealt with promptly.