Services | Annual Maintenance Program


The annual maintenance program aims to extend the life of your roof, preserve its esthetic and help prevent some problems to occur. This agreement entitles you to one or two visits per year depending of the option chosen. During this visit, you can benefit from one or many of the services listed below according to the needs of your roof.

Services included

  • Snow removal
  • Visual inspection
  • Reparation or replacement of damaged shingles (up to 5 pieces)
  • Replacement of loose fasteners
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Replacement of damaged caulking

* 1 or 2 visits to perform 2 of the services listed above depending on the option you choose


Based on the value of your roof. You have the option of 1 or 2 visits per year. Contact us for a quote!

*Upon the signature of a 5 year service contract, you will be granted a 5 year warranty extension on your actual warranty