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Flashing and Cladding

The various flashings and claddings (or metal trims) of a home are one of the most vital components in its weather proofing. Every junction of a wall with a roof or of two sections of roof sloping at differing angles should have some form of flashing. Every protrusion in a wall such as a door or window should have some form of cladding (or capping).

Poorly installed flashings on a roof are one of the leading causes of roof leaks. Likewise, windows and doors without proper cladding are often causes of structural damage as a result of water infiltrations.

Simply adding aluminium cladding to an old wooden window can make it look brand new and will significantly decrease the amount of maintenance required to keep your windows looking great.

Whether it’s as a standard part of a roof or siding renovation or just one piece of flashing that you need to have installed or replaced, Zion Roofing has flashing and cladding solutions to suit your needs.