Services | Insulation

Most of the benefits of having a well-insulated home are obvious, however there are some overlooked advantages as well. A well-insulated attic can help prevent ice damming which, in turn, helps extend the life cycle of your roof covering. Inadequate insulation can lead to condensation which causes damages similar to water infiltration such as rot, mildew or mold.

Attic insulation services can easily be integrated into your roofing renovation or repair. Doing so allows us to gain access to your attic from the exterior and allows you fix several issues in one project.

Wall insulation services can easily be integrated into any siding renovation or repair project as well. In most cases, damaged insulation can be replaced by removing your existing siding and wall sheeting. Your home’s insulation can be significantly increased by simply adding rigid foam insulation to the exterior of your home prior to installing your new siding. There are often government grants in place for increasing the amount of insulation in any part of your home.