Services | Roof Maintenance

Proper roof maintenance can help extend the durability of your roof and help detect and rectify failures in the roof system before they cause costly damage to your property.

The following are services that are commonly included in our maintenance packages:

  • Roof-top snow and ice removal
  • Minor repairs of roofing materials (shingles or panels)
  • Visual inspection of the entire roof (estimate of any major work required)
  • Replacement of any damaged or missing caulking
  • Eaves trough cleaning

Many specialized products have been developed to solve specific problems for each individual type of roofing system. For example, shingle roofs have been known to develop black streaks of algae over extended periods of time. There are various zinc products which can be incorporated into an existing roof system to solve this problem. There are also products that have been developed to rejuvenate shingles and extend their lifespan. A well-executed maintenance plan can allow you to identify the need for such products and install them before any real problem occurs.